Friday, 24 Mar 2023
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Switches and Sockets

Our top-of-the-line stainless steel plates with wide selection of finishes and perimeter accent frame for the distinguished home or commercial space.

Switch and socket plates made from a high - grade stainless steel alloy; with the most stylish finishes offered on the market today. Available in almost any painted colour or premium finish such as stainless steel, polished chrome, bronze, brass and black or pearl nickel. The super low-profile metal switch plates have no exposed screws for a smooth and sleek appearance.

Almost any size plate to combine different functions and a custom combination of modules. Super slim solid metal flat plate or contoured plastic plate available.

Specially crafted to perfection, this distinctive design is for classic or colonial interior designs. All metal plates are available with a rope-edged, stepped or plain design in brass, bronze or chrome finishes.

Institutional grade design with elegant styling that offers you both durability and a wide range of multi-gang switch configurations and finishes. Perfect for the stylish high-end home, five star hotels or "A" grade office building development.

5mm ultra-slim profile for the modern home or commercial space. A wide variety of standard, metallic or customized colours to choose from; providing design solutions for any decor. High-quality polycarbonate switch plates that provide our widest variety of functions and value-added features.

Simply chic; our functional polar white design has a modern semi-slim profile (6.5mm depth) with screwless plate for a clean looking interior.

"No frills" quality design that has endured the test of time; premium bakelite front plates that are scratch and corrosion resistant, fire retardant, durable and with colours prevent from fading.

Weatherproof boxes with a safe reliable design that provides weather resistant operation. The switches and sockets are safe to use outdoors or near water.

Constructed from a tough metal alloy, these heavy-duty switches offer impact resistant / durable performance. For industrial or commercial use or applications that require a durable product at a competitive price.


Personalizing your home or commercial space is now made easy with the versatile Deco modular design. Italian, American, Australian, British, universal or South African standard plug modules plus a huge variety of switch types / sizes / voltages, telephone / data / TV jacks, HDMI, USB chargers and many more are available.

Polycarbonate switch plates are offered in white, almost any colour or transparent plus T&J has some of the best-value premium products on the market with solid metal, plate glass or aluminum skinned plates. The modular Deco design makes it easy to customize each plate; choose from vertical or horizontal mounted installations with your choice of single or multi-gang modular functions in the combination of your choice.